Dental Implant Advantages

Made to replace missing or weakened teeth, implants are one of the first options when it comes to replacement. Dental implants are incredibly well accepted by those in the dental world, especially dental implants from top dental practices. Below are some of the reasons why they are so popular among patients.

1. Implants were made to last. Even though they may require minor maintenance, they well often last the span of a patient’s lifetime if cared for correctly. Contrast this with dental bridges, which only last a decade at best.

2.They feel natural. Dental implants were created to be used like a normal tooth, and as such feel just like any other tooth. In some cases they are more powerful and sturdier than normal teeth. On top of this, the implants do not damage the bone structure of the jaw in any way, unlike other appliances.

3. Cosmetically, they look normal. Dental implants can help boost the self image of a person who has lost their teeth, as empty spaces in the gum line can make people feel shy and self conscious. Also, missing teeth can mess with the shape of the face, as the bone of the jaw can morph to make the patient look sad when they are not sad. An implant can be used to restore this face shape.

4. They provide stability. Dentures that are not secured can lead to slurring and pronunciation difficulties. Since implants are almost identical to natural teeth, these issues will vanish almost completely.

5. They allow for normal eating. While dentures can be a horror when dinner time comes around, implants are like brand new teeth! You can once again enjoy your favorite foods without worry.

These are some of the benefits of implants, and reasons to get them. If you would like to know more about dental implants contact your dentist.

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