Are Dental Savings Plans Better Than Dental Insurance?

discount dental plansDental savings plans are different from dental insurance plans in that there are no monthly premiums to be paid and there is no paperwork that needs to be processed. Anyone can have a discount dental plan, and there are no limits on the dental services one can avail of in one year. But is a dental savings plan really better than a dental insurance plan?

Well, that really depends on the dental insurance plans you are comparing it to. While most dental insurance plans offer free annual checkups, there is no such thing with a dental saving plan. What you do get though is deep discounts on all dental procedures. How deep is the discount? From 10% to 60% on ALL dental procedures.

A dental savings plan is not unlike your membership at your favorite warehouse club. The only thing you need to do is to pay the annual fee, and then you can get dental services at a discount. A dental savings plan is your best option if you don’t qualify for dental insurance plan, or if you find dental insurance premiums too expensive. It’s convenient in that, as we said before, there is no paperwork involved.

Annual fees for dental savings plans start at $80 and go up depending upon the plan you choose. How many dental professionals are in the network of dental savings plans? Some dental savings plans claim to have 100,000 dental professionals in their network.

If you don’t have any form of dental insurance, you should get a dental savings plan. While you will need to pay out-of-pocket when you visit the dentist, at least you will get discounts on whatever dental procedures you are getting.

You can find providers of dental savings plans by going to Google and searching for dental savings plans.

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